Mondo 3G - Beauty from all three sides


Mondo 3G is a cosy new arrival for you to enjoy every day

Welcome to the latest wood burning stove in the Mondo 3 series.
Mondo 3G has the same impressive heat capacity and unique
softclose system as the rest of the family, but now you can see
the flames from all three sides.
In other words, we have retained all the Mondo features,
but enriched the design and expanded the view of the flames
with crystal clear glass panels in the sides.
An aesthetic addition of premium quality and a look that
makes a real impression.

Options and Mondo’s inherent qualities
The body of the Mondo 3G is made from solid steel, the top plate
is available in cast iron, Soapstone and Indian Night - and the door
comes in cast iron with a choice of three handles - Shape, Modern
and Classic (see photo and feel the difference). The wood storage
compartment door is optional, but definitely worth considering
before making a decision in-store.